Ulrika Ekbohm

Ulrika is currently working as a HR-professional at Svenska Spel, mainly focusing on change management. As a business-driven, curious and relations- oriented leader with passion for people the agile principles and values became a perfect match. She has worked in several HR roles the last 12 years, both in specialist and leading roles.

speed talk

From traditional HR to agile HR

At year-end the Swedish gaming market opened up for regulated competition under Swedish supervision. In connection with the re-regulation the company was divided into three parts. A lot has changed and Svenska Spel wants to point the way in the new gaming market through gaming enjoyment, responsibility and security. Although a traditional company in many ways, agile principles and ways of working is spreading in the organization. HR can lead the way in this transformation, and for that reason the HR-team started adopting agile ways of working. In this talk you will hear about how, and learn some easy ways of starting this change.