Sebastian Shaw

Seb Shaw is currently working in digital transformation in Sweden and how lean principles and a focus on agility can help traditional organizations change for the customers’ benefit. He has previously worked in Project and Program management across eCommerce, platform delivery and local government in the UK, as well a distant background in law.

Deciding icy lakes and evergreen forests were a nicer backdrop than Paddington railway station he moved to Sweden in 2016. Sebastian is passionate about travel and photography and is spending 2019 seeing a new county in Sweden each month.

speed talk

Mapping strategic choice – Communication and understanding between diverse stakeholders

Communication and understanding between diverse stakeholders is perhaps the largest challenge in digital delivery. A lot of the focus is on finding a common language to speed discussions without aligning the goals of these groups. Wardley Maps are a way of understanding the landscape of a strategic area and allowing all parties to have not just a common language but a shared situational awareness. Together they allow for effective strategic decision making.