Marie, Malin and Anna-Karin

Marie, Malin and Anna-Karin are convinced drivers for a more agile culture within Scania. By building coalitions and finding allies in the organisation they are determined to influence in as many areas as possible to bring the agile mindset to leaders and contributors. Marie and Malin are both working as agile coaches with experience of change management in a big organization.

Anna-Karin is an experienced HR professional with a lot of change and improvement work experience and a vision to create a better working life for as many people as possible. Being introduced to agile people was a wakeup call to remember what HR and people management is essentially all about.

Speed Talk

Why joining the forces of agile coaches and HR is a good idea to boost agile transformation

When realising that our on-going agile transformation at Scania (IT) met too many obstacles on the way, we decided to take another turn by involving HR on the journey. By joining forces we could take the best from both worlds and find common ground in our genuine interest in people and our shared competence in coaching and supporting individuals and teams.