Marianne Garre Fink

Translator, Facilitator and Navigator – over the past 20 years Marianne has lived and worked on two continents, she has been employed in academia, by NGOs and in different companies and has held various roles before arriving at her current destination. As a change manager in SimCorp, Marianne has found a job where she can focus on helping individuals navigate through the changes that constantly happen in a large organization whether it is going from waterfall to agile development or from open-space offices to activity-based working. Marianne puts herself right in the middle of the changes and uses her knowledge and experience to translate visions and ideas into concrete and easy to adopt steps for the individual using a mix of approaches and tools from the fields of change management, agile and behavioral science. 

Marianne’s work has happened in the cross-field between disciplines and organizational structures and teamwork and cooperation are at the center and heart of her work. The cooperation on various change projects with colleagues with different backgrounds and perspectives have not only contributed to successful outcomes of change projects but have also brought a lot of fun and learnings to the group.

Speed talk


How does an agile transformation in a product division impact corporate HR? Four years ago, we decided to go agile in SimCorp’s Product Division. We have shared our story on many occasions, but this time we want to tell the story from an HR perspective.

How did HR move from initially resisting the changes that this agile thing caused to our established HR practices, to reluctantly working with the change and in the end fully embracing and supporting the transformation? Could we have used our change model ADKAR to prevent some of our mistakes and shortcomings?

We will share with you how no more time registration, reinventing our career framework, no more performance ratings and personal bonuses, implementation of OKRs and the establishment of a much
closer corporation between the business and our HR partners became part of our agile journey and what we learned along the way.