Marcus Hammarberg

For 15 years Marcus Hammarberg has been doing agile and lean software development and helping others do it. He has worked in many different settings, from big banks and insurance companies to start-ups and within retail. At one big insurance company, the first agile team, started by Marcus, eventually spread to a lean initiative across the business. As a consultant, Marcus helps individuals, teams, and whole organizations improve their value delivery flow.
Marcus is a keynote speaker and co-author of Kanban In Action, which has been translated into 5 languages across the globe. He has blogged since 2006 at www.marcusoft.net and spend his spare time playing euphonium in the Salvation Army band at Vasakåren, Stockholm.

2014-2015 Marcus moved to Indonesia with his family to work for the Salvation Army. Unexpectedly his previous experience with lean, agile and kanban was soon put to great use there too.

speed talk

How trust and transparency saved a Salvation Army in Indonesia


When you have no operational permit, no customers and the very building you are operating in falls in – most organisations give up. Not so with the Salvation Army hospital in Bandung Indonesia – they decided to try to save the hospital and I was very fortunate to help them in their journey.

Me?! A lean/agile coach. A westerner with little to no knowledge in hospital management and operation.
We started to apply the principles of lean, agile and kanban; and in doing so turned the hospital around into something amazing. Transforming not only the organisation but also some lives among the people in the staff.

While working with the hospital in this way I gained deeper insight and knowledge about the principles of lean and kanban means and how they can be applied to make us more and more effective. And save us from disaster too…

In this talk I will share a few principles and ideas that had great impact on the improvement and turn-around of the hospital from disaster to success.