Karin Björkén

Karin Björkén is an experienced leader and coach working with companies, teams and individuals to build healthy and high performing organizations. She runs her own consultancy company Mind the org, is a Director of the Board at Forza Football, Venture partner at Antler and a noob Tech investor.

Karin has a tech background and roots in agile software development. Most of her agile experience comes from 9 years at Spotify where she started as the first Agile coach, building up the AC function and working with the agile culture and structures needed to handle a fast scaling organization competing with the internet giants of the world.

speed talk

Co-leadership and peer teams for leaders

In agile organisations we put the team in the center. Creating high performing, cross functional, psychologically safe teams is the closest thing we have to a silver bullet. We want people to work closely together, pair, mob, challenge each other and give feedback. And It is a great recipe. Both for speedy creation of high quality, innovative products, and for building a healthy work environment where people can be their full potential.

So how come we don’t usually do this for leaders? Allowing leaders to move away from their personal to do-list and into a team setup with pairing, planning, retros, load balancing and healthy conflict.

I think we should and in this talk I will share my experience from working with Co-leadership and peer teams for leaders on different levels. It is often lonely and tougher than necessary to be a leader in fast growing and changing companies. Let’s change that!