Henrik Nilson

Henrik has been working in the borderland between software development, public transport, and helping organizations become digital companies for the last 15 years.

Henrik has, for the last two years, been CIO at Västtrafik, Sweden’s second largest public transport company. His focus was adapting the organization to the disruptive changes that start to materialize in the area. An area free from real competition up until now.

A few years ago Henrik led an internal startup to create Västtrafiks new payment system and the app Västtrafik To Go, with a turn over of more than 1 Billion SEK after two years. After the launch of Västtrafik To Go he led Västtrafiks Digitalisation program and founded Create Flow Sweden AB a consultancy.

Before the years in public transport Henrik worked for ten years in different roles at Jeppesen (a Boeing company) focused on optimization and planning for the rail and airline industry. Henrik is also an avid blogger (mostly in Swedish) at changeforfun.com.

speed talk

Digitalisation in public transport – Västtrafiks journey towards becoming a digital company

In this talk, Henrik will quickly describe the last 5 years at Västtrafik. From bringing in a team of developers to create an app for tickets to promoting a cross-functional way of running the company and what steps they have taken.

The talk will include their successes and their failures. It will focus on the human side of change such as mindset, competence, communication. What to do when the senior leadership is searching for a foothold and direction, just as much as the rest of the organization.
It will end with lessons learned and recommendations for others who drive digitalization at the core of the company, where everybody and the company culture need to change to succeed. How to step by step create abilities that makes a company truly digital.