Diana Russo

After more than 10 years of experience in HR management roles, responsible for all aspects of traditional HR and payroll, I realized that soon there was a fundamental change going to take place that would drastically transform the way we organize work and design organizations. After trying and testing new approaches, developing new thought-models and HR-tools, I started my own company in 2009.

In the 10 years that followed I focused my activities on helping HR and organizations in their transition from ‘pyramid’ (traditional) to ‘pizza’ (agile) – organisations. With my experience and evidence based model ‘The 12 ingredients of Agile Organizations’, I inspire and help HR, leadership (and students!) to embrace ‘agile’ and take the lead in the transition to a future proof organization.

“It’s about time that HR embraces agile: helping the organisation to understand the impact of the fast changing environment, leading the transition/scale up to a future proof organization and using agile ways of working in HR (people) operations… it’s a great time to be in HR! Let’s get moving!”

Speed talk

The 12 ingredients of Agile Organizations: you can’t just leave one out!

“Agile” is much more than working with Scrum-teams on agile product deliveries. It can for sure start there: teams embracing agile ways of working and develop & grow from there to other parts of the organization. But it can also start in a change to self-organization for example, or with a dream or (re) focus from leadership to work more purpose-driven, customer-centric and with connected teams on enterprise level.

No matter where and how you start: one thing will lead to the other! “Agile” will affect the ways of working, the (team and organization) structure, the way we “manage” teams and communicate with each other, the way information flows through the organization, the way we are leading and directing the organization etc.

There is no such thing as one best recipe to make organizations more agile, but after spending quite some years “in the kitchen” of various organizations, I found the 12 ingredients that make up the agile (pizza) organization. With the pizza-metaphor I will illustrate how the 12 ingredients are all interconnected and that each organization – depending on context, culture, courage and company phase- will need to find their own best recipe!

Relevant for participants: gives them a better understanding of the inter-dependencies of various ingredients, a handhold where and how to start (small) and the logic next step.