– Susan & Joshua & Kate (Enspiral)

At Enspiral – a network of 250 entrepreneurs building solutions to systemic problems – we get things done with no named bosses. However, just because there are no bosses doesn’t mean there isn’t leadership.

In fact, leadership is paramount to highly functioning organisations. In the new world of work where teams and organisational are perpetually dynamic, responsive leadership is even more pivotal. At the same time, leadership is becoming more nuanced – more about service and facilitation than command and control.

In this Masterclass we will address leadership in bossless organisations and discuss and practice techniques, methods, theories and the really hard parts of leading without explicit control.

Our methodology draws on experiential practice and theory from working in and on Enspiral, from our self managing livelihood pod with the network, as well as our extensive work with clients worldwide.

We’ll explore how the systemic structure of our operating systems reinforce and unleash culture, and prototype new ways to lead, based on real-life experiments.
Join us if you want to learn while participating!

Topics that will be covered:

  • Benefits of bossless leadership
  • Catalysts: an experiment in service based leadership
  • Social contracts and agreements
  • Generosity, Facilitation, Stewardship
  • Decision Making
  • Deliberately Developmental Organisations


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