Erik Schön

Seven Game Changers – Agile Experiences from Ericsson, NetEnt and FramFab

The global and local digital transformation is accelerating and organizations are struggling to cope with the massive changes in customer behaviors, products, services, and, business models that this entails. Organizations are also slowly realizing that they need a corresponding internal culture transformation to stay relevant for their customers and society at large. This culture transformation is notoriously difficult since it should take several major business game changers (also known as paradigm shifts) into account. Still, this is vital for a company to be more innovative, deliver more, faster, and, better with happier and more engaged employees. In fact, these are absolute prerequisites for winning the hearts and minds of customers, existing and potential. I will explain and exemplify a few major game changers for the future of work based on what I have experienced at Ericsson, NetEnt and FramFab 2000-2017.

(Reference: Medium article)

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